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1. Overview

Sustainable Living Exhibition is the brain child of Imagine Durban Project which is a council led, community based initiative that started in 2007 in partnership with Sustainable Cities International (SCI) and Sustainable International Network (SIN). This project is undertaken as part of the second phase of Imagine Durban Project which focuses on facilitating actions that advance the strategic goals of eThekwini Long-Term Development Plan.

It was therefore decided that to advance sustainable development within the Municipality a suitable platform for sharing experiences should be created hence a Sustainable Living Exhibition is hosted annually.

2. Purpose

Hosting of Sustainable LivingExhibition is premised on the fact that there are many initiatives being implemented by various organizations and individuals which contribute towards sustainable development and livelihoods within the Municipality; however they are not well profiled so as to inspire action by masses within the Municipality. Sustainable Living Exhibition aimed at showcasing such sustainability efforts, provide an opportune learning, sharing and networking experience to the broad section of public and inspire action at individual or community level.

3. Participation in the Exhibition

The exhibition targets ordinary members of public with a special bias to school since they nurture future leaders. All sectors of the society including individuals, non-profit organisations, schools, government, state owned enterprises and businesses who are implementing initiatives that advance sustainable development are welcome to show case their work in the Exhibition.

All members of the society are welcome to visit the Exhibition and participate in all activities which are planned as part of the Exhibition.

4. Focus areas

Although the Exhibition seeks to provide a suitable space to share initiatives that advance the strategic goals of eThekwini Long Term Development Plan, there is emphasise on environmental sustainability and the exhibitors can showcase any of their initiatives on the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency and Renewal energy
  • Waste minimisation and recycling
  • Water harvesting and conservation
  • Food gardening
  • Climate change adaption and mitigation
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Green home improvement
  • Creative arts